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Vote Locally, Not Generally

When I recently became a citizen of the United States, I was only informed of my newly established civic duties as an American. Some of which included paying taxes, defending the country if such a need arises, respect the rights, beliefs and opinions of others, and most importantly, voting. Voting […]

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No Government, No Problem

Good news, anarchists: Spain’s recent political turmoil has debunked the idea that strong leadership is always essential to improving a state’s economy. In fact, Spain’s current leadership is in chaos: the country has had a temporary parliament for almost 300 days, despite two rounds of elections. The upheaval started when […]

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Lincoln Moves Car Production to China

Ford Motor’s luxury unit Lincoln nearly tripled its China sales in the third quarter to 8,546 vehicles– a major gain in the world’s largest auto market.  Rapid growth has prompted Ford headquarters to discuss whether to move production to China.   Lincoln sales still distantly trail that of more established […]

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What is Worth the Concussion?

Today, sports are more popular than ever. With lucrative television deals in the NFL, NBA and MLB, sports could not be more prominent in today’s society. However, as the popularity of sports increases, their safety precautions are becoming outdated. Up to 3.8 million concussions occur each year, while hardly anything […]

by Katherine Donofrio × October 19, 2016 × 0 comments

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Why the NFL Shouldn’t Fret Over Ratings Decline

Why the NFL Shouldn’t Fret Over Ratings Decline

NFL football, one of America’s most popular past times, is currently in a crisis. Viewership ratings are down across the board. Many are wondering whether football can sustain its place as a lucrative asset for television companies at a time when increasing amounts of Americans are abandoning traditional television. In […]

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Another Disappointment in DC

Another Disappointment in DC

A win away from their first ever trip to the NLCS. And they blew it. The drought continues. 1924 was the last time a Washington baseball team won a playoff series. The Washington Nationals seemed to have everything in check for game 5. Home field advantage, their season long ace […]

by Daniel Albrittain × October 18, 2016 × 0 comments

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The Messenger Shoots Back

The Messenger Shoots Back

“Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone”, a popular nursery rhyme that 45 year old Australian Julian Assange has taken to the next level. His love for sharing these “secrets” started when he was 16 years old, by hacking into secret government databases. His natural love for […]

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The movie rating system by the Motion Picture Association of America has been the reigning guideline of film content since 1968.  These ratings are deeply ingrained into the movie-going experience, and you may surprised to learn that the MPAA’s mean nothing legally, and getting a movie rated at all is […]

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Parents praying for their children’s success in the CSAT in Seoul, South Korea. - Associated Press

The Test of a Lifetime

Imagine your entire primary and secondary school education coming down to an eight-hour test. The performance on this single test determines your future. A low score means attending an undesirable college, or spending another year preparing to retake the test. It all comes down to this critical moment. Such is […]

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MIT’s Mind Reader

MIT’s Mind Reader

Do not play a game of poker against the MIT CSAIL Department’s researchers.  With the help of their new device, you will most likely lose.   The days of poker faces and bluffs may soon be a thing of the past.  Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab […]

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Making Man-Made Emissions Disappear

Making Man-Made Emissions Disappear

Big changes come from little beginnings. In England, a small town named Ashton Hayes has been a part of one of the greatest improvements that humans have achieved in helping save our planet. Ten years ago, the town of only 1,000 residents started out on a mission to become the […]

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Kneeling to Take a Stand

Kneeling to Take a Stand

The brutal and savage treatment of African Americans by the police in the US has been an issue for many years, and this issue is becoming harder and harder to overlook. Colin Kaepernick, an NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers for six years, was tired of watching helplessly as […]

by Joshua Fraser × October 17, 2016 × 0 comments