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A Beginner’s Guide to March Madness

  The start of the best month of the year is just a few days away, and whether you’re filling out a bracket or just a casual fan unsure of which games to watch, here are some teams to keep an eye on as we near the start of the […]

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Make journalism great again

“You’re saying it’s a falsehood. And they’re giving — Sean Spicer, our press secretary — gave alternative facts,” said Kellyanne Conway in an interview on Meet the Press. I know. I had the same reaction. Ridiculous, right? Conway’s boss, President Donald Trump, tweeted on February 17, “The FAKE NEWS media […]

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Try a Pod

Try a Pod

“Podcasts are for boring, middle aged women.” This is how my friend responded to my recommendation to listen to the podcast Welcome to Nightvale. This friend had never listened to a podcast. And he is in the majority. Only 20 percent of Americans  have listened to a podcast in the […]

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Between Rock and America’s Hard Place

“Let’s impeach the President.” That’s what Neil Young sang in 2006. His album, “Living With War,” criticized George W. Bush and the Iraq War. His music is an obvious, clear protest against the current politics at the time. He certainly isn’t the first, though. Rock music has a tradition of […]

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Why We Should Hire Ex-Convicts

If you went to prison for any crime, even marijuana possession, you legally cannot become a barber in New Jersey. Ex-convicts are barred from a wide array of jobs. The law varies from state to state, but typically ex-felons cannot work at any public sector job. Careers in education, social […]

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Rugby Sevens: the new sport everyone should be watching

Rugby Sevens: the new sport everyone should be watching

     The game of Rugby has a rich history dating back to the ancient Romans. It is regarded as one of the most physical sports in the world and features some of the strongest and fastest athletes we have ever seen. It is a pretty simple game with 15 […]

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Lesson Learned: Democratic Minority Should Compromise with Trump

“The Party of No” sums up the simple political strategy of the 2008-2012 House Republicans. Republican members of Congress chose to oppose any measure presented by the Democrats with Obama’s name on it, at any cost. Their approach yielded mixed results. Republicans were able to prevent many Democratic bills with […]

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History Repeats Itself: Filling Out a Winning NCAA Tournament Bracket

  In just a few days, the NCAA Tournament field of 68 will be set, and it will be finally be that time– when annually, people all over the country stop what they are doing and fill out a bracket. The conventional wisdom is that the NCAA basketball tournament truly […]

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America Left with Buyer’s Remorse as Swamp Thickens

“You are a liar. You are ruining the country and the lives of good people. Sad. @DonaldJTrump” This impassioned tweeter is absolutely not alone in his grievances. Thousands of tweets like this one—presenting adversarial political commentary consolidated to a brief 140 characters– litter Twitter feeds across America in response to […]

by Elly Zhang × March 6, 2017 × 1 comment

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Hazardous Territory: The CIA and Rebel Groups

  The CIA has become a powerful fixture in American foreign policy. The purpose of the intelligence agency, according to federal law, is simply to collect and analyze information. The reality is much more robust. The CIA grants money and weapons to allied governments, trains militia groups, coordinates attacks against […]

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Men Need Yoga Too

Men Need Yoga Too

Does yoga make you less of a man? A study conducted by Sports Marketing Surveys USA in 2012 found that 20.4 million adults, 8.7 percent of the American population, practiced yoga. However, the study also found that 82.2 percent of yoga practitioners were women while only 17.8 percent were men. […]

by Noelle Giuliano × March 6, 2017 × 1 comment

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Press vs. Athletes

Press vs. Athletes

One of the best aspects and reason why people pay attention to the media is because it provides a medium between athletes, celebrities, and politicians and everyday people. This also means that the media controls how people perceive actions and comments made by these people. The relationship between athletes and […]

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